Good news, Zach Braff fans: We're unveiling the poster for his new romantic comedy The Ex below. Those of you who possess the infinite wisdom and impeccable taste to be loyal devotees of Braff's TV show Scrubs will be glad to know that, if The Ex trailer is any indication, the film appears to have a very similar comedic sensibility to the wacky medical sitcom. Braff stars as a big-time underachiever who's forced to become the breadwinner for his family when his successful lawyer of a wife (Amanda Peet) gets pregnant. But when his new job pits him against his wife's wheelchair-bound ex-boyfriend (Jason Bateman), he realizes that "nothing burns like an old flame" ... and that it really sucks to get beat up by a guy in a wheelchair. Get an exclusive first look at the poster below (Click on the image for a larger version).

The Ex poster exclusive first look

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