I can sit here and shove quote after quote in your face, but it still wouldn't change the fact that Tobey Maguire, Kirsten Dunst and Sam Raimi are not officially signed on to a Spider-Man 4. It's always difficult when you come to the end of a very successful trilogy; the main players involved are in desperate need of some time away from those characters, but the studio is amped up and prepared to move full speed ahead on another sequel ... and another sequel. So, now that we're only a few weeks away from Spider-Man 3, what's the latest from the Maguire camp? Well, contrary to earlier reports, it seems he might actually be interested in donning the Spidey suit for another adventure.

According to Sci-Fi Wire, Maguire recently told them that it all depends on the right ingredients coming together. He says, "It all depends on if there's a story worth telling. I feel very proud of the three movies that we've made. I feel like the stories all deserve to be told, and, you know, if they come up with a good movie, and the whole team wants to get back together, and we feel like we can make a good movie that's worth making, then I'm up for it." There's no need to spit out any quotes from Dunst on the subject because she apparently feels the same way. To use a sports analogy, this whole thing reminds me of a team fighting to make the playoffs; how a number of different things have to happen in order for that team to make it in. This isn't the Tobey show; whether or not we'll see a Spider-Man 4 with this same crew relies heavily on all three, but mainly Raimi. If he decides to direct, then there's a pretty good chance both Maguire and Dunst will return. End of story

(Editorial note: Thanks to Jen for pointing out we had a typo in the title!)

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