What happens when a group of armed robbers suddenly finds the tables turned? In Jon Keeye'sLiving and Dying, which can perhaps best be described as Western-meets-heist-film-meets-thriller, three armed robbers take refuge in a café after their heist getaway, only to find themselves trapped with a pair of sociopathic killers. When the killers take the situation over and start killing hostages, it's up to the robbers to turn hero and save the day before anyone else gets hurt. One of the robbers is killed in the takeover, leaving Sam (Edward Furlong) and Nadia (Bai Ling) to figure out a way out of the mess.

Sam decides to sidle up to the bad guys, who are known in the local criminal circle as "the Blood Brothers." Karl (Curtis Wayne) is the smart one, relatively speaking, and Max (Trent Haaga)is the stupid follower; both of them are mean as rattlesnakes, with no regard for other people or human life in general. Fortunately for Sam, he used to do some work for Karl's brother, and that connection keeps Sam from getting a bullet in the head -- for now.

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