Do you realize that it's been almost a year since Southland Tales first debuted (or should I say, bombed) at the Cannes Film Festival? Since then, director Richard Kelly has been hard at work editing his "masterpiece" so that everyone (or should I say, Sony) is comfortable enough to release it in theaters. There was awhile there when we assumed the film would magically disappear, only to secretly show up on DVD with little to no marketing backing it up. However, the release of a big batch of stills recently -- coupled with a brand new message from Kelly via his MySpace page -- make it appear as if we might see Southland Tales finally hit theaters this fall.

According to Kelly, "we have finally gotten the greenlight from Sony for the additional round of visual effects for Southland Tales. This is VERY GOOD NEWS for the film! We will now be able to finish the film properly. Phew! The film will be completely finished for the first public screening sometime mid-summer." It's great that he'll be allowed to add in some additional special effects (when the food looks ugly, just smother it in ketchup, right?), but will they be enough to change those initial opinions of folks like Cinematical's James Rocchi who called Southland Tales "sprawling, messy, willfully self-indulgent and incomprehensible?" Like Donnie Darko, I'm sure the film will find its die hard fans. And hey, if anything aren't you just a bit curious to see what the heck Kelly did with a cast that includes The Rock, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Seann William Scott and Mandy Moore?

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