It may be true, according to Jackie Chan, that Brett Ratnercan't direct action scenes, but maybe Chan can't fight in them, either. Stuntman Bruce Law claims on his blog that he has doubled for the martial arts action star in his Chinese-language films. Although some of Chan's appeal is that he performs stunts himself, it is widely known that for insurance purposes he is required to be replaced by stuntmen in dangerous scenes shot for Hollywood-financed films. But as for his films made back home in Hong Kong, Chan is supposedly doing all his own stunts in those. Chan's spokesman, Solon So, denies the claim, though, and insists that his client only uses substitutes when working for Hollywood.

I don't completely disbelieve Law's claim. On Chan's Twin Dragons, Law is credited with car stunts, so it could very well be true that the stuntman was driving a car that one of Chan's characters is supposed to be driving. After all, Chan is a brilliant martial artist, but maybe he isn't so brilliant behind the wheel. Law's other credits for Chan films (according to the IMDb) include coordinating action scenes for Supercop 2, special effects for The Legend of Drunken Masterand acting in Thunderbolt. Each of these could have required similarly simple bits in which Law had to double for Chan. It doesn't mean that Law ever performed any of Chan's really impressive stunts. Either way, though, we can all accept and appreciate that Chan is one of the greatest stunt performers ever to grace the movie screen, and as he's not getting any younger (he turns 53 on Saturday), we can tolerate him taking a break (as in rest, not bones) now and again.
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