Some asshat in London has re-fueled the whole violence-in-media debate after indulging in his own murderous impulses. A rabid fiend of horror movies, especially the A Nightmare on Elm Street series, Jason Moore took a home-made Krueger knife glove and attacked his sleeping friend, slashing him in the face, neck and hands. The friend survived, but Moore has received life in prison for his crime. An investigator of the attack stated: "It is obvious these films influence the way people act. It gives us some concern, and unfortunately we have to pick up the pieces afterwards." Seeing that the guy was obsessed not only with horror movies, but with serial killers, there's many ways he could have acted out his quest for power, many of which could be much more heinous than anything he'd pick up from Wes Craven's horror creations.

According to the Evening Standard, Moore watched the original Elm Street about 20 times. If that's what made him dangerous, does that mean I will change my name to Heather and start killing jerky popular people because I've seen Heathers well over 20 times? I mean, I haven't made myself some Ich Luge bullets like Moore made four glove replicas, but then again, I've been itching to play croquet ... Anyhow, the man said that "he enjoyed how the gloves looked -- menacing -- and that he enjoyed 'the power' he felt when he put them on." The defense attorney says: "He has only ever wanted to understand his actions." That's easy. He used violence to overcome his personal issues and should have noticed long ago that a crazy obsession with murderers is not healthy. If he had any interest in accuracy, he would've spent this energy trying to get into other people's dreams. Then he would've failed, and his friend wouldn't be physically and emotionally scarred for life.
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