There are plenty of examples to choose from when you think about the lost potential of Orson Welles. From being the young genius behind Citizen Kane, to a hammered "has-been" in a wine commercial, clearly his career ran the gamut. recently posted that filmmaker Peter Bogdanovich announced that he would be completing Welles' "lost masterpiece," The Other Side of the Wind, which is something we've been hearing about for a while now. Bogdanovich apparently made the announcement during a press event in Florida, saying that a deal had finally been struck with Showtime for the project and said, "We now have a lot of work ahead of us." The film was the story of an aging director (John Huston) in the midst of an artistic and personal crisis.

Bogdanovich is planning on taking inventory of the completed footage that has been sitting in a vault in Paris for the past 30 years. From there, he hopes to collaborate with Welles' former partners and said that "The idea would be to try and get as close as we can to what Orson had in mind." Bogdanovich also said the film could hit theaters as early as 2008. Between piecing together a film with 30-year-old footage and new material based on second hand recollections, it appears that Bogdanovich has his work cut out for him -- he might want to start brushing up on those old interview notes just in case.
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