He might not have gotten an Oscar for his role in Venus (robbery!), but Peter O'Toole is continuing to rack up the roles, so maybe his chances aren't over with quite yet. Or, so I hope! His next films are this summer's Neil Gaiman adaptation Stardust, and a voice role in Ratatouille. Then, he's also got Love and Virtue, an adventure based on the legends of The Song of Roland and Orlando Innamorato, and Fenice, La. Hopefully the 74-year-old actor won't work himself into the ground because now he's in negotiations for another -- The Christmas Cottage.

Last month I shared news that Lionsgate was looking into the film, which would tell the story of painter Thomas Kinkade, by means of one of his pieces of art (The Christmas Cottage). Kinkade began painting to help his mother, who was about to lose the family home, and the film will focus on his transformation as he becomes an artist whose company now boasts billions of dollars of revenue in artwork and products. According to TOMB, O'Toole is in final negotiations to take the role of Glen Weissler, one of the painter's mentors. Production will begin later this month, filming in Vancouver and Whistler, with a plan to release the film next Winter -- of course, just in time for Christmas, and possibly Oscar season if the film is good enough. There's no word yet on who will play Kinkade, but hopefully they'll cast someone who can hold his own against O'Toole.
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