Donna (Rebecca Lowman) has never had what you might call a close relationship with her mother, Eve, so it's a bit of a shock for Donna when her mother posthumously sends her on a mission. Eve has committed suicide in the wake of a cancer diagnosis, and she has some unfinished business for her oldest daughter to take care of for her: a laundry list of notes and knick-knacks that Donna is supposed to take on a road trip to deliver to their intended recipients. This begins Eve of Understanding, which recently won a Special Jury Prize at AFI Dallas.

Although she wasn't close to her mother, Donna feels obliged to respect Eve's last wishes, and so she embarks on her road trip solo ("Don't take your sister or your loser boyfriend," Eve admonishes in her note to Donna), hoping to discover along the way just why Eve sent her on this mission. She says good-bye to her oddball religious-nut sister Lisa (Jennifer Harlow), who apparently spends all her free time praying for people so as not to have to improve her own life, makes a narrow escape from the absuive loser boyfriend, and heads off on a solo road trip in which she will uncover secrets about Eve's past -- and her own -- all while deciding whether to make another stab at going sober.
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