Since I lost track of these weak, straight-to-DVD American Pie sequels at some point after the fourth installment, I'm kind of going at this with a blind eye. Apparently, a direct sequel to last year's American Pie Presents: The Naked Mile is already in the works (making it the sixth Pie-related film to hit the streets), with pre-production taking place in Toronto as we speak. American Pie Presents: Beta House will feature the same four dudes (John White, Ross Thomas, Jake Siegel and Steve Talley) from Naked Mile, only this time they're all grown up and heading to college. Beta House? College? Hmm, I smell a frat-related teen sex comedy heading our way.

In fact, that's exactly what happens. Pic centers on Erik Stifler and his cousin Dwight Stifler (who, I imagine, are both cousins of the original Steve Stifler). Upon entering college, Erik (apart from his name ending in a 'K,' sadly, the two of us have nothing in common) joins the Beta House, lands a girlfriend and goes to war against the evil GEK house who -- you guessed it -- are out to destroy the weaker frats with their money, brains and guys named Bret. Right now, casting is underway for Erik's main squeeze Ashley. Moviehole describes her as being "super cute, confident, together, instantly comfortable in the new collegiate surroundings, she is a catch." Basically, she's every girl that wouldn't date you in college. Andrew Walker will direct, with Joel Soisson and Keith Birder producing. No word on whether Eugene Levy will once again make his "purely for the money" cameo. Anyone out there actually watch The Naked Mile? Is it any good? Are these American Pie Presents flicks worth a spot on my Netflix queue?

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