It's funny. Most of us complain about over-used themes and techniques in cinema, as we do in basically any form of media. In the words of Hard Harry, which seem so very appropriate right now: "All the great themes have been used up -- turned into theme parks." We get billions of sequels and more remakes than we can count. The creative spice seems used up, but maybe that's because it's being put into the production process and audience interaction. As the years go by, Internet areas like MySpace are utilized for fans, blogs are posted and production stills are released. Each ticking second seems to bring a new way to integrate fans into the process. Hell, Snakes on a Plane even had the fans help shape the movie.

Now, Baz Luhrmann is taking things a step farther with his current production epic, Australia. Starring Nicole Kidman, Hugh Jackman and David Wenham, the movie is a ranching drama that concerns a fight for land and the Japanese bombing of Darwin, Australia. While the fan site, has a whole bunch of blog info and galleries up about the film, they're also saying that the director wants fans to see him in action. That's right, he's going to turn his production into his own theme park. The director reportedly stated that he plans on setting up special days during production where tourists will be allowed to come and watch the feature get made from public galleries. If you can't travel to Australia to catch a glimpse yourself, you can try to entertain yourself with some less-than-exciting stills on the site. They've got newspaper clippings, screen captures from interviews and locations up in the gallery so far.
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