Several of us at Cinematical have had the opportunity to see Grindhouse, and we just couldn't stop talking about the movie(s). In fact, four of us decided to haul our virtual selves into a chatroom together so we could rant and argue about what we liked and what we wanted to change and what we wanted to see in a sequel. Kevin Kelly, James Rocchi, Scott Weinberg and I intended to spend maybe 15-20 minutes chatting but the final conversation lasted the better part of an hour. Here are the highlights, which I tried to group into general categories to break things up a little. The spoilers have been removed, so enjoy.

What we liked and disliked overall:

: Aside from a few real moments of drag, courtesy of Tarantino's love affair with his own words, I liked the movie(s) a whole heckuva lot.
Kevin: I loved the experience as a whole, bit then when you break it down film by film, I get more critical. Unfortunately I think people will boil it down to Rodriguez vs. Tarantino
Jette: I liked it, but not as much as I thought I would ... I'm not a big fan of the Tarantino endless conversation.
James: I think the bigggest irony in it is that the lesser filmmaker -- Rodriguez -- made the better film.
Kevin: Yeah, that man loves his own dialogue so much, that you get characters talking like you think he would when you hang out with him.
James: And it's not that that's not fun, but if there's one thing that ,70s B-flicks weren't, it's "talky."
Jette: I think Planet Terror is the better film, but Death Proof has the more grindhouse-ish feel to it.
Scott: Funnier still that Tarantino is definitely the grindhouse expert (Rodriguez admitted as much during his SXSW panel), yet Rodriguez's film seems more in line with the alleged tone of the piece.
James: Death Proof really felt like a mash-up of DePalma and Russ Meyer, in many ways -- killers and cars and chicks.
Scott: Rodriguez went for John Carpenter. Tarantino went for De Palma.
Kevin: Right, just like those old 70s films that Tarantino loves so much, with the addition of talk, talk, talk.
Jette: I didn't think of Russ Meyer, but that's an interesting angle. I was thinking more of The Muthers at the end, but it's actually kind of Faster Pussycat-ish.
Kevin: Well, he didn't have an overt jiggle factor.

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