What's good everybody? Thanks to those who entered captions in our Blades of Glory contest last week. Strange, though, that we had a few folks using the comments board as ranting grounds for what appears to some deep-seated animosity toward Blade's broad style of comedy. It reveals a little-known truth: while broad comedy entertains gazillions of people across the globe, its voiceless victims are largely ignored. Congrats to our winners, especially grand-prize champ, the Napoleon Dynamite Anchorman-quoting Eli Y., who will soon be sporting a freakin' sweet Blades of Glory track jacket.

This week we've got some cool prizes to give away from Disturbia, the latest thriller to expose how scary it is outside city limits: You've got Wal-Mart, TGI Friday's and The Homicidal Maniac Next Door. Writers of our three favorite caps will win a pair of binoculars, plus a Disturbia survival kit -- featuring some fun goodies, including a can of Red Bull. And let's face it, without Red Bull (and the wings it reportedly gives you), you're screwed. Good luck!

Blades of Glory1. "998... 999... 1000... Hey Katie, I don't know if you heard me. I did over a thousand leg lifts just now." -- Eli. Y

2. "Gimme a V!" -- Frank C.

3. "Glen and Steve admired the payoff for what would be their first and last ice show: Crotchtravaganza!" -- Eric W.

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