Itching to take a page out of her own book, Halle Berry is once again looking to perform one of those big-screen career revival stunts -- this time, however, instead of showing us her bare breasts, she'll be donning a shaved head. Back in 2001, Berry made waves by going topless in the film Swordfish. The scene itself was totally gratuitous and had no business being in the film, but it probably helped boost box office sales for a flick that wasn't that good in the first place. Of course, once the clothes were off, Berry opened herself up to other roles in riskier films -- Monster's Ball (in which she won an Oscar for best actress) being one of them.

This new film, Nappily Ever After (which, thankfully, isn't a sequel to Happy N'ever After), is being labeled a romantic comedy and will follow a woman who decides to shave her head bald when, for some reason, her hair begins to fall out. Of course, there will be this whole "real beauty comes from the inside" theme running throughout. Thanks for the life lesson Halle -- I guess I'm the only one who thinks bald women are beautiful and sexy too (I'll take a bald Natalie Portman over a full head of hair on Cameron Diaz any day). To make things even more "real," Berry will shave her head in the film instead of wearing some sort of cap. However, filming won't begin until at least next year; a new draft for Nappily Ever After was just turned in.

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