I have to say, it's about damn time! After a slew of Halloween pics hit the net -- showing us a tame Michael Myers and a very happy-go-lucky Laurie Strode -- Bloody Disgusting has come through with a new set of images which show Myers doing what he does best: killing innocent little girls. Not only that, but he's sporting quite the deranged afro -- what's up with that? Did someone forget to brush their hair when they woke up this morning? Leave it to Rob Zombie to go all punk-rocker on one of film's most notorious serial killers.

Though we still haven't been offered a tasty trailer (or even the smallest teaser), Zombie has apparently decided to show us his entire film through still photographs. Heck, BD has an entire gallery full of them. In these latest crop of pics, we get another look at young Michael (played by a spooky-looking Daeg Faerch) as he sits alone at a table, unimpressed with the assortment of Halloween candy in front of him. "Man, the neighbors screwed me this year -- I know, I'll slice their throats open. That'll teach them not to keep handing out the same five-year-old Twix bar!" Apart from the young Michael, we get a new pic of the old Michael with a bloody knife in his hand, as well as a great action shot (as seen above) of Michael putting the smack-down on (Ms. Strode?). With the film set to debut on August 31, I imagine the next piece of Zombie's re-imagined puzzle will come in the form of a nifty trailer. Oohh, the goose bumps have officially arrived!

Ed note: Fixed link. Sorry about that.

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