Veteran actor Jon Voight, who first came to prominence after playing the naive male prostitute Joe Buck in John Schlesinger's classic Midnight Cowboy and went on to win an Oscar for his role in Coming Home, has had a diverse set of roles throughout his career. Now, according to USA Today, Voight is adding another project to further expand his career. This time around, no chaps or a hospital bed for Voight. Instead, he'll be taking on the role of the domineering principal who's daughter harasses the girls known as Bratz in the upcoming movie of the same name based on the phenomenally successful line of dolls.

Bratz: The Movie
, set to hit theaters on August 10th, follows the adventures of Sasha, Jade, Cloe and Yasmin as they start their careers at Carry Nation High School. Once there, the girls face many challenges typical of girls that age and start to drift apart as the pressures of school cliques begin to take their toll. According to the film's producer, Avi Arad, the girls "go through a lot of self discovery It's all about empowerment, believing in yourself and wish-fulfillment." Not having children myself, I admit I don't know very much about the Bratz dolls. However, according to my friend's daughter, they "rule." Perhaps that's what convinced Voight to take on this new role? Or, maybe it was just the money?