Ever since they announced there would be a Jurassic Park IV, the first question on my mind was: Who from the original will they get to return for a fourth adventure? Sure, it's possible to produce a new sequel with a fresh cast, but the franchise wouldn't feel complete without a few familiar faces. Jeff Goldblum did his part for The Lost World: Jurassic Park and Sam Neill was somehow convinced to take on the lead role in Jurassic Park III. Since there's a good chance neither one of those guys are coming back for another round, it appears all the attention is now heading in the direction of Laura Dern (who, as we all remember, played Neill's longtime girlfriend in the original dinosaur flick).

While at a press junket for Year of the Dog, Dern spoke openly about the fourth installment and revealed that she had just recently received a special phone call from the man himself, Steven Spielberg. Says Dern, "Well a certain fellow is the one that called me and it's hard to say no to him cause he's always got something totally genius up his sleeve so we'll see what they have in mind. But I don't know anything about it at this point. I'm told it's happening and I'm told they're calling me. I'm told that Ellie Sattler is involved in it." As far as when we'll get to see it in theaters, Dern felt that they want to try to somehow get it done for 2008. However, with all the effects work that needs to be done for this bad boy, I can't see it arriving in our laps until summer 2009. So, does Spielberg really have genius up his sleeve, or is he simply running out of people to throw money at?

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