Looks like April Fool's Day came a bit late for some folks from Holtsville, Long Island. When a bunch of parents brought their kids to a screening of The Last Mimzy at the Island 16 multi-plex, the last thing they expected to see on screen was a chained naked woman giving birth to a mutant baby. Oh no, we're not talking about dear old Mimzy here -- seems a copy of The Hills Have Eyes 2 (that's still playing in theaters?) accidentally screened in the wrong theater. And since the scene in question happens pre-opening credits, there was no warning and no time to turn away. But, there was definitely enough time for mom to turn to little Johnny and say, "See, that's where babies come from."

Once the pre-credit sequence was over, parents grabbed their kids and promptly ran out of the theater, screaming. Thankfully, the staff stopped the film and handed out vouchers to those who were complaining. The problem was then corrected and The Last Mimzy began a half hour late. But is a free voucher enough to wash away the emotional scars caused by the dreck that was The Hills Have Eyes 2? I'm sure a slew of kids woke up from nightmares the following evening. "Mommy, help! Hollywood was trying to get to me to go see this horrible movie called The Hills Have Eyes 2! It was awful. And when I finally got them to stop playing it, things got even worse -- they followed it up with The Last Mimzy! I never want to go to the movies again!" Luckily, Cinematical's own Ryan Stewart made it out of a Hills 2 screening alive; you can read his review of the film here. Poor kids. I feel their pain.

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