What's got Dane Cook and Jessica Alba, looks like a dozen other "high-concept" romantic comedies, and really kinda stinks? The answer lies here, within the brand-new trailer for something called Good Luck Chuck. Sort of a cross between 40 Days and 40 Nights, Just My Luck and a particularly lame sitcom, the flick seems to be about a dashing young bachelor who creates brides: Sleep with the guy just once and >boom< you're headed to the altar with your dream husband. But what happens when the bride-maker falls for a girl he actually (yep) likes? Why, he's gotta practice abstinence! No sex, ironically, to keep the girl! How very clever.

And I haven't even gotten into the subplot about how he plans to lose his "good luck mojo" by having sex with an obese (and therefore un-marry-able) woman. I just respect you too much. I'll also spare you the play-by-play of the horny sidekick dentist and his desperately witless rejoinders. Anyway, Good Luck Chuck comes from longtime editor / first-time director Mark Helfrich with a screenplay from the guy who wrote that severely mediocre Kids in America flick. On the other hand, the movie promises to show us Jessica Alba's panties at least once -- which should guarantee at least a $15 million opening weekend. Release date is August 24. Here's the trailer. (And just for the record: I really dig Dane Cook's stand-up material, but that Employee of the Month flick was really freakin' awful, which makes me a little more skeptical of the guy's cinematic output. And trailers like this one sure don't help much.)