There is probably no movie that is more anxiously awaited than Indiana Jones 4. But, it seems like every couple of weeks, we get word that the project is moving forward and then we get another tidbit that could blow the whole thing out of the water. For example, we're promised a trailer this Thanksgiving, and then we get news of a possible bump in the road -- and it could be a big one. Variety reported that Harrison Ford has signed to star alongside Sean Penn and Ray Liotta in Crossing Over, (No, it's not the John Edward story) an immigration drama. Described as the "Traffic of illegal immigration," the film was written by Wayne Kramer (The Cooler), who is also slated to direct. Maybe Ford hopes that this one will make up for passing on Traffic the first time.

Now here is where the problems could start -- the shooting date for Crossing Over is this month and the start date for Indiana Jones 4 is June. Immediately bringing to mind the possibility of a delayed start date for Jones. Everything seemed to be falling into place, with steady castingannouncements -- despite the big question mark hanging over the return of Sean Connery, and a solid start date. I hope Ford is planning on using some serious time management skills to make sure he is ready for filming in June with his fedora in hand.
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