I don't care what George Lucas has to do, but Sean Connery must appear in the new Indiana Jones film. Also, I want him to get Karen Allen, Kate Capshaw, John Rhys-Davies and Jonathan Ke Quan. Heck, while he's at it, I want him to bring Denholm Elliott back to life. River Phoenix, too. Because, see, this film is such an important event that it needs to feature all the major players. It will be a huge success anyway, but just think of how satisfied audiences will be if there's at least a cameo from each of the familiar characters? Lucas knows the significance of nudging the fans -- it is one of the few things he did right with his Star Warsprequels. I'm going to go ahead and assume this will be the last time we see Indy's life on the big screen, so I think it makes sense for Lucas to go all out, spend a fortune and secure the goods we want, including Connery. Ten months ago, Lucas expressed interest in Connery's return, and as of this week he's still trying to get the actor to agree to reprise his role of Henry Jones.

Unfortunately, Connery quit the movie business. But he could come out of retirement for the right price. We know this is true because of two things. Number one: he told reporters in January that he would "perhaps" be in the film but was waiting to see the script. Number two: he told reporters in March that he would also play James Bond's father if offered enough money. So, it looks like he'd do just about anything depending on the size of the check waved at him. So, the question is, can Lucas afford him? Despite all my sarcasm in the paragraph above, I think that Lucas should just leave Connery be and rework whatever is in the script that's calling for his character. After all, the films are called Indiana Jones and ... , not Henry and Indiana Jones and .... Yeah, it was a blast seeing Indy and his father, but surely we can move on to whatever or whoever else is introduced to us in the fourth installment. Like that son we keep hearing rumors about.
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