After months of endless cast announcements, MySpace babblings, and random bits of thorough self-promotion, Rob Zombie has finally unleashed a brand spankin' new trailer for his Halloween remake. Despite earlier protestations from the filmmaker, after viewing the trailer I now feel more than confident calling this flick a true-blue remake and not any sort of "reboot" or "reimagining." Anyone who's seen John Carpenter'sHalloween more than two or three times will recognize practically every scene in this trailer.

I'm not saying it necessarily means the movie's gonna stink, but I'm guessing this flick will be a lot like Gus Van Sant's version of Psycho -- only with a lot more gore because Rob Zombie is really so extreme. Still, I do love anything with Malcom McDowell, plus I do remember being all snide and snippy about Dawn of the Dead and Texas Chainsaw Massacre -- and I soundly apologized after enjoying the heck out of those two remakes. (Note that I said "two," because I can think of "two dozen" other horror remakes that could suck lead out of a pencil.) So that's me: Skeptical yet still interested -- but I can't get past the fact that a) someone would actually want to remake Carpenter's classic in the first place and b) despite the fact that I'm the biggest horror geek I know, I really don't like either of Rob Zombie's movies.

Rob Zombie's Halloween hits the screens on August 31, which doesn't make much sense until you realize it'll probably hit DVD shelves right before ... you guessed it ... October 31. (Seems logical to me, although two months is a pretty slim window.) Just watched the trailer a second time. Still seems kinda recycled and generic if you ask me. But obviously I'll be there on opening night seriously hoping to be pleasantly surprised.