Director David Lynch is one of those filmmakers you either love or hate. From the wildly entertaining and disturbing Blue Velvet to his take on Frank Herbert's epic novel Dune through his more recent projects like Lost Highway and Mulholland Drive, he's shown his flair for creating unusual, unsettling and deeply complex stories. From his work and the fact that he sometimes shys away from press for his projects, some may assume he's some sort of socially inept hermit who's only source of expression is through his films.

Fortunately, the director has given us a few glimpses into his life, especially through his own website where he's rumored to appear in the forums from time to time, ready to discuss the good and bad about any of his films or the merits of a good cup of coffee. And now, according to Twitch Film, we'll be getting even more insight into the man known as David Lynch. How, you may ask? By watching an upcoming documentary about the director -- a teaser for which is already up at the Twitch Film site. According to the sight, the documentary has been shooting for over two years during the time Lynch was making his latest project, Inland Empire.

The documentary filmmakers have amassed over 700 hours of footage and when the documentary is completed it "will give the most current perspective on one of cinema's greatest directors and will bring to life his creative process and joy for living life to its fullest potential." As I'm a huge fan of the man and his films, I'll be very interested to see this documentary once its released. Lynch is a very talented and sometimes misunderstood genius who deserves to have his story told. Besides, any man who eats at Bob's Big Boy every day for eight years is alright in my book.
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