There's been a pretty consistent stream of news coming out about Guillermo del Toro's Hellboy 2:The Golden Army. While some of it has turned out to be idle chatter, most of the information is of a more reliable sort. Both the studio and del Toro have been in a sharing mood and there has been word of plot details, casting news, and general tidbits. Now, some new details about the script have emerged in an interview with del Toro in the Australian newspaper The Age.

It turns out that Del Toro was hard at work writing the script while working on the Oscar nominated "fairy tale" Pan's Labyrinth, and said that he found "crossovers between the two films," which will apparently be evident in the finished product. Del Toro is working again with Hellboy creator Mike Mignola on the sequel, and said that, on showing him his finished product, "Mike was quite horrified by how much I had deviated from what we had talked about, especially at some of the quote, unquote whimsical elements, the parts about magic and the fairy world. But then fortunately, he saw Pan's Labyrinth." Don't worry, there aren't going to be any "creative differences" to stall production since del Toro said that "he [Mignola ] realized that the two movies would have some parallels." So it's smooth sailing for the return of our kitten-loving friend, and for fans, I'm sure it's not a moment too soon.
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