Say you live in or near Orange County, California, and this Easter weekend you're sitting around with your family and friends after a big dinner talking about movies and how there's just nothing good at the multiplex anymore (actually, The Lookout is still playing, and trust me on this, it's a fine alternative to Grindhouse or The Reaping if those aren't your bag). It's still a couple months before the Los Angeles Film Festival -- what's a movie geek to do besides load up the Netflix or Green Cine queue with enough decent films to see you through?

Fear not, fellow cinephiles, we bring you news that should cheer up your holiday weekend: the Newport Beach Film Festival is coming your way, and it kicks off April 19! The fest, which boasts over 400 films from 30 countries, will open with Beautiful Ohio, Chad Lowe's directorial debut starring William Hurt and Rita Wilson.

I'm even more excited about the closing night film, which I promise you will absolutely love if you drag your butt out to see it: Son of Rambow, one of the biggest audience-pleasers at Sundance. This completely charming film is about a boy raised in a srtrict religious sect, who has never seen television or movies until he's accidentally exposed to his first film -- Rambo -- at the house of a lonely, friendless boy who's made an art form out of juvenile-delinquent behavior. The unlikely pair end up befriending each other, and decide to make their own film -- "Son of Rambow" -- to submit to a young director's contest.
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