About a week ago, I went to see a screening of Diggers, which is an ensemble dramedy opening in late April, starring Paul Rudd, Lauren Ambrose and a few other notable names. It's a passable assemblage of talent with a few laughs and a few interesting moments, but I didn't give it much more thought than any of the dozens of other movies I've seen recently. Over the weekend, however, much to my surprise, someone pointed me to a listing on Amazon for the film's DVD, which is dropping in stores in early May! I had completely forgotten that Diggers was a film from Mark Cuban's company, and considering that most day-day style releases have thus far chosen to beat people over the head with their day-dateness, I guess this new strategy of not drawing attention to the day-dateness is a more successful one, since people like me never gave a second's thought to the film's near-simultaneous theatrical-DVD release when watching or evaluating the film.

I'm still a little ambivalent over the whole day-date issue, although I know that companies like Cuban's are out to make legitimate, quality films and not the kind of dreck that we usually associate with 'straight to DVD.' Still, if I were just a movie-goer instead of someone reviewing films for a living, I think my inherent laziness might have made me miss the theatrical release and just wait for the DVD, and I know a lot of other people would make that choice as well. And I do believe it's a sad thing in general that we have that choice, since nothing can come close to replicating the experience of actually going to a movie theater. I will have to give this issue some more weighty thought as I search through my Easter basket for any missed bubble gum.