It took me several minutes into Sk8 Life to realize that the film wasn't a documentary about skateboarding but rather a narrative feature. Well, sort of. Most of the characters have the same names as the actors, who aren't actors but skateboarders portraying variations of themselves. If this doesn't make sense to you, imagine how I felt trying to puzzle it out while watching the movie. Fortunately, while I was trying to figure it out, I could watch lots of amazing skateboarding moves, which is the real attraction of Sk8 Life.

Sk8 Life, which was shot in Canada, is about a group of young skaters (the term used for people skilled on skateboards) who spend the summer trying to unite in filming a lot of challenging skateboard routines. Their leader is Kris (Kris Foley), who needs money to pay the steeply increased property taxes on his house, The Crash Pad, to avoid foreclosure. Everyone wants to save The Crash Pad because it's a place where skaters are welcome when they need a place to crash (thus the name), plus it has a big skateboard ramp in the backyard. Kris is hoping that the footage of the skaters can be sold for enough money to pay the taxes.
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