For years Irena Sendler's story was kept under wraps. A social worker who worked in the Polish Underground during World War II, she kept her fighting story secret, fearing the safety of her daughter. She became more comfortable with notoriety after the fall of the Iron Curtain, and has pretty much exploded on the world scene. Just last month she was honored by Poland's Senate, and she's got a biography entitled Irena Sendler: The Mother of the Holocaust Children. Now screenwriter Lawrence Spagnola is writing a feature script for producers Jeff Rice and Jeff Most to shop to studios. It's yet another genre for Rice to add to his producer list, as he's done just about everything from Adam Goldberg's drama I Love Your Work to the upcoming questionable Jessica Simpson flick, Blonde Ambition, and it is a bit of a change for Most, who produced The Crow film series.

Sendler'sstory is pretty crazy. A Catholic social worker, she went into the Warsaw Ghetto (recently portrayed in Roman Polanski's The Pianist) and warned Jewish parents about the dangers their children would face. She pulled approximately 2,500 children out of the ghetto, by a variety of methods that even included body bags, and sent them to be adopted by Polish families, or to be housed in convents and orphanages. She made lists of all of the children's names and buried them in jars so that she could later reunite the children with their families. The Gestapo inevitably caught her, tortured her and sentenced her to death, but luckily fellow Underground workers bribed a guard and she went into hiding, continuing her Underground efforts. It's the kind of story that can make a great film, but we've got to hope that they pick the right woman for the role, or it could quickly plummet into a waste.
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