In a collaboration between the British film industry and Bollywood, Provoked: A True Story has just been released in the UK, and was screened today at the Indian Film Festival of Los Angeles. It follows the true story of a Sikh housewife in London who killed her husband in 1989 after years of abuse. After an arranged marriage, Kiranjit Ahluwalia moved to Britain with her husband, Deepak. Over the next ten years, she was raped, beaten with everything from belts to furniture, secluded and even banned from certain foods like chillies and black coffee. After so many years of terrible abuse, she snapped and had some pretty terrible revenge -- she doused her husband in gas and set fire to him as he slept.

Her husband died in the hospital ten days later, and she was charged with murder. The prosecution said that the crimes acted against her were "not serious," and she was found guilty. Ultimately, she received a new trial, had her charge reduced to manslaughter and now lives in Slough with her children. I wonder when/if the film will receive wide, or even limited, release in the U.S., since it has a pretty notable cast. Aishwarya Rai (Bride & Prejudice) plays Kiranjit, Lost star Naveen Andrews plays Deepak, her husband, Miranda Richardson plays a woman who befriends the wife in prison and Rubeus Hagrid -aka- Robbie Coltrane is the QC who fights on Kiranjit's behalf in her retrial. While we wait to see if the film makes its way to local screens, you can check out a trailer here.
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