Now that we know Aaron Eckhart has signed on to play Gotham DA Harvey Dent in Christopher Nolan'sBatman Begins follow-up The Dark Knight, those of us at home are wondering whether or not Dent will make his Two-Face transformation in this film, or the next. Sci-Fi Wire recently askedDark Knight writer David Goyer that question, and his answer shouldn't be all-too surprising. He says, "I think Harvey Dent has been mentioned. I don't know that Two-Face has been mentioned." What do you mean, you don't know? Dude wrote the damn story. Granted, Nolan's brother Jonathan took, what Goyer calls, his "scriptment," and churned out the finished screenplay, but c'mon -- he has to know if Two-Face is going to show up.

Seeing as you'd have to tie the man up, starve him for days and then dangle a raw steak in front of his eyes in order to get the tiniest bit of plot detail, Goyer didn't exactly offer up any tasty tidbits. Regarding the whole one versus two villains gimmick, he notes: "All I can say is some people raised their eyebrows when they heard there were going to be two villains in the first film, but I think that one worked out just fine." Hmm, so what exactly is he saying? Will The Joker be the only villain (meaning that, for the entire film, we somehow have to get past the fact that Heath Ledger looks more like an early 80s teen idol than one of the greatest comic villains of all time), or will Two Face make an appearance towards the end, cause some trouble and help set up a third film? Does it matter either way? Oh, and what the hell does Sarah Michelle Gellar have to do with all of this? That's what I want to know.

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