After starting her career only a handful of years ago, German actress Diane Kruger has made a recognizable career out of her face. She's starred as Helen of Troy in the pretty crappy Troy, the mysterious other woman in Wicker Park and the sexy estrogen in National Treasure. In promotion of her new film, Copying Beethoven, Kruger spoke with The Sydney Morning Herald and had some interesting things to say. The most notable: she should have been cast in Cate Blanchett's role in The Good German. It seems that the actress just can't get over the fact that she wasn't given a chance.

According to the actress, she tried for over a year to convince the producers of the film that she "was the only woman who could play the part." She continues: "I mean, it's the good German, right? Cate Blanchett is definitely my favourite actress, but it's frustrating to not even get the opportunity." According to the article, this statement was followed by "an exasperated 'Aaaggghhh'." Sure, there is a point buried in there -- I can understand the argument for using the right ethnic background for a role. It saves us from the dreaded accent slips (Kruger has been slighted herself for that), makes things more authentic and allows some great talent to get wider recognition.

But really, she's putting her foot in her mouth. Her career is based on her French and English roles, not German ones. Essentially, she's put herself above every notable German actress, and has chastised the process that has made her career. Topping all that off, her career really isn't something that she can hold up to Blanchett's. She should take her own advice: "I keep bringing that up in interviews, which I probably shouldn't." She's got the choice to make. Does she want to hone her craft and follow in the footsteps of Blanchett, or take the route J-Lo did with that infamous Movieline article?
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