Although it wasn't intended that way, Video Violence (subtitled "When Renting is Not Enough" ) serves as a nostalgia piece for the the days when mom and pop video stores dotted the landscape. This is a tale from an age long before DVD; heck, VHS tapes that were priced to sell rather than rent were still a few years off when this came out in 1987. Video Violence and its sequel Video Violence 2 both arrive this week via a single disk double feature from Camp Motion Pictures.

Steven and Rachel Emory have recently arrived in a small New Jersey town where Steven has opened a video store. Hoping to trade in the hustle and bustle of New York City life for a more laid back lifestyle, Steven is surprised how unfriendly the locals are. Business is brisk, but while Steven's store carries a wide variety of VHS tapes for rent, no one wants to rent anything but ultra-gorey splatter flicks. When one customer finds out that Blood Cultis rated R for violence and not nudity, she determines that it's OK for the kids to watch. Steven's employee Rick discovers that someone has left a home-recorded video in the overnight return box. The tape turns out to be a homemade snuff film, with two men torturing and murdering a third man who Rick identifies as the former Postmaster who supposedly retired to Florida just weeks before. Steven's attempts to notify the police are treated with disbelief and condescension by the redneck sheriff and his deputy. The mystery only deepens when Steven returns to the store to find Rick and the video tape missing. Steven also wonders why everyone in town has a VCR, when prior to his arrival there wasn't a video store anywhere nearby.
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