Okay, first it seems that we have another name change for the upcoming Jimmy Fallon indie film, Rockett. When Erik first posted about the movie, it was Eliot Rockett, joining the SNL alum with super Razzie winner Sharon Stone. Then, it became Rocket when Tom Arnold, Lucy Liu and Ileana Douglas joined the cast. Either that was a typo, or the filmmakers decided to go back to the titles roots and it is now called Rockett. With the extra "t" comes two extra cast members -- Jordana Spiro and Tony Hale.

You might recognize Spiro from the TBS series My Boys, which she stars in, but I remember her as the kidnapped girl in the Buffy episode entitled Reptile Boy. She has been cast as Fallon's childhood sweetheart, who he reconnects with after he returns to his hometown. (While devoted to his work, Fallon's character can't commit in his personal life, and then returns home when his estranged father has a stroke.) Anyone want to bet that Fallon finds that he can commit to Spiro? Then, we have Mr. Hale, who I'm sure everyone remembers from his stint as Buster Bluth on Arrested Development. He will play Fallon's childhood best friend. So, now we've his childhood links as well as Stone as Fallon's mother, Arnold as his father, Liu as his girlfriend and Illeana as... I'm not sure, but her character is "Christine Jacobson." Fallon definitely has a a good cast around him, so maybe this will be more like Almost Famous for him, and less like Taxi.
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