At the tail-end of a Variety article about a spec script called Fiasco Heights and the way in which it was sold by a DreamWorks assistant to Michael Bay's Platinum Dunes shingle, there is one casual sentence that reads: "[The production company] aims to begin shooting a remake of "The Birds" for Universal by the end of the year," which is the first new information we've heard about the project since last October (when Naomi Watts was mentioned as a potential leading lady).

I guess I was hoping that this project would simply go away, but with Fiasco on the horizon (and something called The Horsemen in pre-production), it looks like producers Michael Bay and Andrew Form have got their attentions re-focused on the avian-centric remake thriller. Those who choose to follow such stories will no doubt remember the producers' claims that their Birds flick will hew closer to the original Daphne Du Maurier story and not the classic Alfred Hitchcock flick -- but I'm guessing if Du Maurier had written another book called Hippo Attack or Revenge of the Squirrels, it's The Birds that'd still be earmarked for a new adaptation. Why? Because, despite the protestations of the filmmakers, they know "The Birds" is a title that everyone already knows. And that's what the remake game is all about: Selling "name recognition" and little else.

Yeah, I'm a little salty about this particular project, and I freely admit it. But if The Birds is going to begin production some time this year, then we should definitely be getting reports on writers, actors and directors some time soon. Maybe my opinion of this remake will improve once some of those names hit the wire ... but I doubt it.
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