Since it's already been pretty well established that "filmmaker" Uwe Boll loves being hated, revels in his own ineptitude, and is more than content to churn out material that's "so bad it's good," we now come to another one of the guy's trademark approaches: the low-rent shock value ploy. Over the course of the past few months, Boll's been chatting away to any website that'll listen about how over-the-top, hardcore and extreme his Postal movie will be. (It's based on a resoundingly violent video game about a homicidal postal worker, so you just know we're dealing with high-end material here.)

In an effort to hype his latest project (no, not that awesome-looking Dungeon Siege thing, which I can't wait to see), Boll has unleashed a teaser video from Postal ... one that packs footage that looks a lot like a victim's-eye-view of the 9/11 attacks. A very amusing site called is where you can see the video clip, and I guess it'll make you either very sad or very angry at Mr. Boll. My advice would be to just watch the clip and then forget about it; Boll gets more than enough free publicity as it is.

Far as I can tell, Postal is still in search of American distribution. (I guess being the director of House of the Dead, Alone in the Dark and BloodRayne doesn't earn you a lot of friends on the U.S. distribution circuit.) The flick's got a pretty, um, eclectic collection of performers, with Zack Ward in the lead role and folks like Dave Foley, Seymour Cassel, Verne Troyer and David Huddleston populating the background. (Yes, I said David Huddleston.) If you need a somewhat lengthier taste of what Postal is all about, check out the "secret trailer" over at YouTube. And be sure to share your thoughts on that "9/11 teaser." Is it tasteless for a filmmaker to make broad jokes about this particular tragedy -- or is it just offensive because the jokes are coming from a guy as witless as Uwe Boll? (I'm going with the latter.)