It has been a couple years since Wim Wenders' last feature film (Don't Come Knocking), as the director has been busy working on shorts for three different compilations (including the Cannes showcase, To Each His Cinema). And now it appears that instead of immediately heading back to a full-length of his own, he will be very closely producingMichael Meredith's second feature, Open Road. Meredith wrote Wenders' Land of Plenty and previously directed the little-seen 3 Days of Rain, an interlocking of six Chekov adaptations, which starred his father, former Dallas Cowboys quarterback Don Meredith, and Peter Falk, who also starred in Wenders' best film, Wings of Desire.

The film is a father-son reconciliation tale (after The Thing About My Folks, also starring Falk, I could do without another) about a man who heads out on a road trip with his girlfriend and his estranged father, a former sports pro. Although this sounds like it could be autobiographical, the father in the film will be a baseball legend, not a football legend. Still, even if the elder Meredith is not cast in the role, it will be easy to make the assumption. As an added attraction for sports fans, there is a chance that real baseball legends, such as Yogi Berra and Johnny Bench, will have cameos. Wenders is apparently holding Michael Meredith's hand on the film, serving as a visual consultant and seemingly a liason to German cinematographer Franz Lustig, who shot Land of Plenty and Don't Come Knocking. The collaboration should begin shooting this summer in Louisiana.
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