As seems to always be the fashion, once you leave the shores of North America, long-forgotten or long-chided stars seem to exponentially gain fans and prestige. I still can't fathom the fact that David Hasselhoff is such an international phenomenon and singer. It's just too scary to ever think about. Anyhow, it seems that although Growing Pains ended years ago, Jeremy Miller (Ben Seaver) still has quite the China. And here I thought that Kirk Cameron becoming a crazy, over-zealous religious fanatic was the most news we'd ever get from the show's alumni!

Although Miller had left acting behind to pursue work as a caterer, he was somehow lured back into the fold for an upcoming Chinese film called Milk and Fashion, which resulted in the 31-year-old getting "besieged by fans and media." It's a pretty unique film as it focuses on Chinese-speaking Caucasians (except Miller).

A US-China-Japan co-production, film tells the story of a white, Chinese-speaking ballet dancer named Tyler( but nicknamed Milk -- clever) who falls in love with a Chinese ballerina whose nickname is Fashion, because she aims to become a fashion designer. The movie stars producer Jay Rothstein's son Kyle as Milk, Michele Du stars as Yao Yao/Fashion, Vanessa Branch is another Chinese-speaking star, and Miller rounds out the cast as Tyler/Milk's uncle, who convinces the boy to move in with him in Shangai while he manages an international fashion design competition. Will this be the return of Ben and maybe even his infamous "Ben Seaver Scream"? We've got eons to wait and see. According to IMDb, it won't even come out in China until next year.
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