Really, there are tons of bad endings out there, because inevitably, if a movie is bad, chances are that the end will be pretty crappy as well. However, some pesky films reel you in, inspiring you to ride along, totally immersed. Then, out of the blue, the ending hits you like a stinging slap across the face or a blinding derailment that makes you wonder if you've slipped into an alternate universe. It's those slimy buggers that have inspired this list. This Seven is by no means comprehensive, and you might not agree, but these are the movies that have been burned into my brain. They've inspired my brows to furrow, my lip to curl and my mouth to groan. But most importantly, they've made me ask: "Why?!"

Pretty in Pink

This is a movie ending that irks many-a-people. As much as John Hughes and his Molly movies are loved, there is a large swarm of Duckie fans who scream and moan over Andie ending up with Blane. Fie the studios that made this happen! Did you know that she was supposed to end up with Duckie, but producers thought it was elitist, and Ringwald thought he was more like a brother? (She didn't even learn her lesson by the time she had her cameo in Just Another Teen Movie!) Hughes later let the hero have the right girl in Some Kind of Wonderful, but even that missed the mark a bit, since many think Watts doesn't like the men-folk much.

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