The hissy-fit-filled David O. Russell clip from I Heart Huckabees is still managing to get some play. First, Scott Weinberg posted word of the clip when it started making the rounds, nabbing tons of visitors on YouTube. Then, I shared the big rumor that George Clooney, who had an altercation with the director during the filming of Three Kings, could be the man behind the Internet link. Well, since then, he's obviously denied any involvement in the leak, and he's even offering a $1 million reward to anyone who proves that it wasn't him. Either that's a brilliant way to cover up your own tracks, or he's one lucky bugger. Imagine throwing seven figures down just to quash a rumor that isn't that big a deal anyway! (At least, not a big deal for him.)

While talking with Entertainment Weekly about his upcoming Ocean's Thirteen, Clooney chatted some more about the now-infamous leak. While the clip was news to most of us, Clooney says that it's been circulating for over two years and everyone (who's anyone that's not us apparently) had seen it. The actor says that he saw it during the filming of Ocean's Twelve, and: "I felt bad for Lily, but I also felt a little vindicated for anyone that thought that that had anything to do with me on [Three Kings]." That being said, he still maintains that he had nothing to do with the leak and re-asserts that he's clueless about YouTube -- as if actors can't have tech-savvy assistants and friends! The noble Clooney draws his prank-line at career interference: "There are pranks I like to play [but] that falls into the world of screwing with people's careers. I'm up for a good fight, but not sneaky. I like 'em face-to-face." The grey-haired actor seems much more worried about paparazzi-like stunts where films capture people with "Spanktro-vision" on. Is he worried about other people, or will the actor start chaining the door when he turns on his saucy pay-per-view?
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