A brand new UK trailer has just been released for Live Free or Die Hard (or, as they're calling it across the pond, Die Hard 4.0), but this one is so much better than the recent American version. Not only does it give us some substantial plot information, but for the first time since the sequel was announced, I finally felt the Die Hard flavor -- complete with what's sure to be some memorable John McClaine (Bruce Willis) lines. Sure, the special effects (which include a fighter jet chasing McClaine on a highway) seem -- how shall I say it -- just a tad tacky, but the flick looks fun ... and, really, that's what's important.

Based on some McClaine dialogue (which is eerily similar to his "Fly out to the coast, have a few laughs" quip from the original Die Hard), it appears his latest adventure kicks off when he's asked to transport a kid (Justin Long) from New Jersey to Washington, D.C. Only problem is, there are some pretty nasty bad guys (and girls) out to whack the poor dude from those Mac commercials. In the meantime, Timothy Olyphant heads up a group hell-bent on shutting down the entire country via some sort of computer terrorism, and McClaine winds up, once again, being the right guy in the wrong place. Oh, and then there's Kevin Smith -- featured prominently in the trailers, although his character probably shows up for all of about three minutes -- who acts as a computer expert that speaks in a language John McClaine doesn't understand. Gee, didn't see that line coming from a mile away. All in all, I'm pretty stoked for the film (which arrives in theaters on June 27); are you?