While she hasn't spent many years in the international spotlight, Maggie Cheung has got over 80 roles under her belt, only a few of which are widely-known. She exploded across the world when she starred in long-time collaborator Wong Kar Wai's In the Mood for Love in 2000. Cheung then followed it with a starring role in Jet Li's Hero, then in her ex-husband, Olivier Assayas' Clean and finally, she ended up with a nice Kar Wai bow with 2046. Now, after her recognition continues to expand, and she's earned herself a best actress award at Cannes for her role in Clean, she's quitting acting.

She's not quite swearing off acting for life, like Luc Besson has, but has no current plans to go back, although she admits that she might be lured by a comedy: "I've done too many sad victim roles." It seems that her award-winning role, which had her portray a rock musician junkie, was a perfect jump-start into the career she hopes to jump into: music. According to the ex-actress: I don't want [acting] to be the only thing I've done in my life. I'd like to paint and compose music, which means everything to me. I have to have music from the moment I wake up. My goal is to edit and score films." It's just too bad that she's making the jump just as the rest of the world has turned towards her, although perhaps that will help her jump into her new work with ease -- "Life is about timing, and I've always had good timing." Best of luck, Ms. Cheung!
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