Where did all the pretty DVD releases go? The recent flurry of holiday blockbuster and award-winning flicks available for your queue hits a lull this week with only two "major" newbies: The star-studded RFK assassination Bobby and the animal love dramedy Sleeping Dogs Lie. While the former is the definitive "wait to see on DVD" type, the latter competes with the new theatrical release, Year of the Dog, which is essentially the same movie (woman really loves her dog), give or take a bestiality scene. But hey, it's a good week for dog lovers!

Bobby DVDBobby
The headline here: Emilio Estevez returns to the public eye for the first time since guiding the Mighty Ducks to glory (for the third time!) in 1996. (We'll pretend you never appeared in that dreck The L.A. Riot Spectacular, Emilio). And he brought 44 of his closest Hollywood homeys. It isn't a matter of who's in Bobby, Estevez's re-imagining of events taking place at the Ambassador Hotel over the half-day leading up to Kennedy's assassination, but who's not. What, there wasn't a single Baldwin available? The cast is mostly made up of a strange mix of pop idols from today (Ashton Kutcher, Lindsay Lohan, Nick Cannon... William H. Macy) and 20 years past (Estevez, Demi Moore, Christian Slater). Its "blessing" is also its curse: I'm sure the premiere party rocked, but there are about five storylines here too many. The film nobly attempts to capture the social environment of 1968, and is an unconventional tribute to RFK in that it not-so-subtly hints at his potential for remedying many of society's ills. Though the film's first 100 minutes are only intermittently engaging, its last 20 are heart-pounding, and heartbreaking.
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Fun Fact:Adam sometimes wishes he was a real Baldwin.

Major LeagueMajor League: Wild Thing Edition
Estevez's bro Charlie Sheen, meanwhile, gets Hall of Fame treatment this week, with a special edition DVD named after his character. That's an honor only shared by cinema greats such as Buttercup, Duckie and Gandhi. Of course this edition could've just as easily been called The Willie Mays Hayes Edition, or the Pedro Cerrano Edition. That's the beauty of this baseball classic, there are so many colorful characters to love (besides Dorn, that guy's an ass) that it's that much more fun to root for them. And they're from Cleveland. Who doesn't want to root for Cleveland? Major League was recently the topic of some heated debates around the Moviefone office as we ranked our 25 favorite sports movies of all time. Shockingly, it didn't make the cut, and we got a mouthful from the comedy's faithful. I have to agree with Nashad Warfield ("You people are INSANE not to have Major League on this list!!!!"). We are insane, Nashad, some days more than others. Good thing this new edition landed just in time to knock some sense into us. AND it's got an alternate ending.
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Fun Fact:Corbin Bernsen collects snow globes. He has over 6,000 of them.*

Other New Releases (April 10)
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Jonestown: The Life and Death of Peoples' Temple
Danielson: A Family Movie
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Payback: Director's Cut
Shanghai Surprise: Special Edition

Disclaimer: Never trust fun facts
*This one is actually true