Now take this all with a huge grain of salt (why do the majority of my posts begin this way?), because I don't consider Just Jared the greatest movie news source on the planet. You want blurry photos of Cameron Diaz picking her nose in a bikini? Go see Just Jared. Major casting scoop for the next Superman flick? Eh, not so much. Regardless, the celebrity gossip site claims Orlando Bloom was spotted chatting up the sequel with director Bryan Singer and producers Mindy and Jon Peters at the Tower Bar restaurant in Hollywood. Granted, we're not entirely sure that that's what they were talking about -- for all we know, the four could be scouting potential participants for a touch football league. Yet, since Singer and the Peters pair last worked together on Superman Returns, there's a good chance the Man of Steel was on the menu.

So, could Orlando Bloom be interested in jumping from one major franchise to the other? And, if so, who would he play? There's no way I can see the cutesy Bloom playing a villain; Just Jared speculates that Bloom could be up for a part as a new Lois Lane love interest. Yeah, that won't happen. Since there's no chance they're replacing Brandon Routh in the title role, I'm completely baffled. Unless -- dare I say it -- they want him to play Zod. Even if Bloom were to play Zod, he's way too soft for the role. We'll keep you updated on any and all further developments; if it happens, Superman: The Man of Steel (aka Superman Returns 2) is scheduled to fly into theaters in 2009.

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