I love Ray Liotta, but he's never quite gotten the respect he deserves. Somehow, the guy has never been nominated for an Oscar, despite great performances in Narc, Blow, Something Wild, and especially Goodfellas, my favorite film of all time. Part of the reason may be the equal amount of stinkers he's appeared in, although he usually makes even the crummiest roles memorable. Hell, he was hilarious in a Jennifer Love Hewitt movie! He's already been onscreen twice this year, in Smokin' Aces and Wild Hogs, and it looks like for his next project he's going for something a lot more substantial.

The film is Crossing Over, and it stars none other than Sean Penn and Harrison Ford (Jessica speculated a few weeks back that this film could delay the release date of Indiana Jones 4, but hopefully that won't be the case). So who will Mr. Crazy Laugh play? According to Liotta, it's "a really really good movie...It's very much in the vein of Traffic and Babel. It involves border control. It's another bad guy...It's a really good part, and you know, even if they're bad, you don't condone them but you try to make them human beings." Liotta's character in the film takes advantage of a young woman who wants to be an actress and doesn't have a green card. "He uses her for his enjoyment," says Liotta. Wayne Kramer is writing and directing Crossing Over, which started out as a 35mm short.I liked Kramer's The Cooler and Running Scared had one of the creepiest set pieces in recent movies (if you've seen it, you know what I'm talking about). I'm curious to see what he does with more serious material.

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