I have no problem admitting that I like cheesy pop music. I don't even have a problem admitting to seeing Spice Worldin the theater -- twice! -- and loving every minute of it. Now I'll admit another gem: I really like the song "Not Gonna Get Us" by t.A.T.u., particularly the Russian-language version. You probably remember t.A.T.u. more for their controversial image, that of two underage lesbian schoolgirls. Well, after a little hiatus the duo has returned, now perfectly legal and admittedly heterosexual (one of them even has a kid courtesy of an ex-boyfriend), and in addition to recording their third album they have plans for a movie.

Based on the novel "t.A.T.u. Come Back" by Russian Parliament deputy Aleksey Mitrofanov, the movie will follow the stories of two girls who meet and fall in love during a t.A.T.u. concert. According to Moviehole, the title has been changed to Finding t.A.T.u. and is being directed by two-time Oscar-nominee Roland Joffé. I'm not sure where it has actually been confirmed that Joffé has sunk so low -- aside from Moviehole's mention, he is also credited on the movie's Wikipedia page -- but according to the IMDb his next project, following the upcoming Captivity, is Singularity, featuring the strange pairing of Brendan Fraser and Aishwarya Rai. Personally, I would prefer it if the t.A.T.u. movie was a campy musical focusing more on the madcap adventures of the two singers, Lena Katina and Julia Volkova (a la the unnecessary guilty pleasures of Head, The Ghost Goes Gear, and of course Spice World), and I also think the once-proposed t.A.T.u. anime made even more sense, but if the director of The Killing Fieldsand The Mission is actually attached to this, I am very intrigued to see how the thing turns out.
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