Whether the director can successfully get Old School 2 up and running, like Erik Davis posted about yesterday, Todd Phillips already has something else in the works. (This might be a good idea since it appears as if the director might be having some problems with the sequel's script.) Me, I've had problems with Phillips ever since he co-wrote Road Trip, which was a blatant rip-off of Overnight Delivery. Have you ever noticed how flipping similar the two are? Nevertheless, he is already set to produce an upcoming comedy called The Chadster, and is deciding whether or not he wants to direct it as well.

The movie comes from an original pitch by Michael Samonek, which he will write. It's a good thing that computers have taken over for pens, because this guy would be writing himself into carpal tunnel -- he's also writing The Whole Pemberton Thing, Car Wars and Party Buddies. I can't help but think that for this latest inspiration, the screenwriter was watching Charlie's Angels, and decided that Tom Green's "The Chad" was something feature film-worthy. And, I could be right. The movie is about a best man who feels threatened when an eccentric childhood friend pops up at the wedding he is in and causes trouble. Could this strange long-ago friend refer to himself in the third person and do Green-esque stunts? I guess we'll have to wait and see.
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