Although Virginia Madsen has worked consistently since her start in 1983's Class, Sideways marked a bit of a return for the actress, who hadn't received much attention since some of her darker films of the 90's. After indulging in tasty California wines, she's had some higher-profile roles, but her live action work hasn't really measured up to her success in the Alexander Payne film. The Number 23? Egads! However, I wouldn't be surprised if the latest casting news will come to her aid. Variety is reporting that she's signed on to star in Diminished Capacity, along with Matthew Broderick and Alan Alda in headlining roles, and Bobby Cannavale and Lois Smith in other starring roles.

Sherwood Kiraly, who wrote the book that the film will be based on, is currently writing the screenplay, and Oz alum Terry Kinney will direct the feature. Mr. Sarah Jessica Parker will take the lead as Cooper Zerbs, a man who is suffering from memory loss after a closed-head injury. Along with his high school sweetheart (played by Madsen), and his Alzheimer's-ailed Uncle Rollie (Alda), he travels to a memorabilia show where the memory-loss pair scheme to sell a valuable baseball card to get the older man money. As if dealing with two memory-challenged men wasn't enough, the book has a bunch of added quirks -- namely, a poetic fish, a Dear John videotape, a gun-slinging alcoholic who trades baseball cards for booze (Could this be Cannavale's role? I can only hope!) and a fast-food establishment with a genetically-engineered salad. It sounds weird enough to work. But let's hope that it's more of the Sideways calibre, and less of the 23 flop. The movie will be filmed this Spring in New York and Chicago, so we might be able to see it by the end of the year.
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