If you happen to be a fan of comedies where two guys pretend to be gay so they can get health benefits, than the upcoming Adam Sandler comedy I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry is just what you've been looking for. I tend to think of the film as Bosom Buddies with firemen, an Adam Sandler "twist" and no dresses. I hope references to somewhat obscure 80s sitcoms will help you understand the film, but if not, a trailer for the film recently appeared on the net and, for me at least, generated very little interest -- except for the points where Jessica Biel appears in various states of undress. Other than that, it left me a bit, well, underwhelmed. And now, in addition to the trailer, we also have a poster for the film too.

Sadly, the poster does nothing to change my feeling towards the film. In fact, I question the design of a poster that features a grinning Kevin James carrying a less-than-enthusiastic Adam Sandler over an imaginary threshold that doesn't prominently display the hotness that is Jessica Biel. Sure, the movie marketing department needs to make sure the poster plays to the perceived strengths of the film -- Adam Sandler, comedy, fireman, homophobia, etc. But it seems like they're ignoring an important fact about their potential audience of young male viewers ages 18-24. Young male viewers like to see hot girls in underwear. Its a fact. Perhaps in a later poster this tragic error will be rectified. I certainly hope so. Until then, at least we still have the trailer -- such as it is.