Carrie-Anne Moss has never made even the slightest impact on me in a film. She's a competent enough actress, but I can't point to a single performance she's given that I remember a thing about. She's an attractive enough woman, but I don't think I'd give her a second look on the street. She keeps getting good parts, though, and it sounds like she's just snagged another. She'll be joining Kevin Zegers, Callum Keith Rennie and Cameron Bright for Normal, a drama about the aftermath of a deadly car accident. I know what you're saying, "Who, who, and who?" Zegers played Felicity Huffman's son in Transamerica, Cameron Bright is the spooky kid who did great work in Birth, and Rennie plays Leoben Conoy on Battlestar Galactica.

In Normal, Moss will play "a mother filled with rage and unable to recover from the death of her teenage son in a car crash." Bright plays her twelve year-old son. Rennie plays "a literature professor trying to overcome his guilt from the accidental killing." Zegers plays "a young thief involved in a taboo love affair with his stepmother whose life becomes intertwined with the other characters." Normal is written by Travis McDonald and Carl Bessai, and directed by Bessai. If you're eager to be underwhelmed by Moss, she can be seen on the big screen right now in Disturbia -- reviewed by Scott here, this summer in the buzzed about zombie comedyFido - reviewed by Kim here, and some time soon in Guy Ritchie's ABC crime series Suspect, which Monika told you about here.

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