In 2001, when I slipped into my seat to check out a Fringe adaptation of Fear of Flying, I could never in my wildest dreams have imagined that Raven, the Satanist stylist that I saw in Cecil B. Demented the year before would, or might, play Isadora Wing, the betrothed woman sick of her husband and ruing the institution of marriage while thinking: "What was it about marriage anyway? Even if you loved your husband, there came that inevitable year when f---ing him turned as bland as Velveeta cheese: filling, fattening even, but no thrill to the taste buds, no bittersweet edge, no danger. And you longed for an overripe Camembert, a rare goat cheese: luscious, creamy, cloven-hoofed."

Although the project has been in development hell for decades, new rumors suggest that it will finally come to the screen, with Maggie Gyllenhaal embodying the woman in search of the "Zipless F-ck." I have to say that she's probably the best choice of the young actresses out there today. She definitely has a long and varied background in risque themes, and she won't have to try to wipe away flighty roles to try and make us take her seriously. Because, if there is anything worse than bringing a classic to the screen, it's stripping away that which made the work valuable and leaving a glossy, superfluous movie that misses the mark. According to the latest murmurings, Diane English, best known for writing a slew of Murphy Brown episodes, will both write and direct the adaptation, taking over for Julia Phillips who tried to get the project up and running for years before her death in 2002. If this comes to be, we probably won't hear much more until next year, as English is currently working on an adaptation of The Women, with big names like Anne Hathaway, Candice Bergen and Meg Ryan rumored to star.
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